How is your Emotional Intelligence affecting your business? Take our FREE Taco Quiz & find out! [CLICK HERE]

 We help entrepreneurs, leaders & influencers do the inner work necessary to show up confidently, serve well and scale big by  growing their Emotional + Social Intelligence.

How is your Emotional Intelligence affecting your business? Take our free quiz & find out!

Why EQ?

Research is showing that your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a bigger indicator of success than your IQ, your education & your experience.

EQ + Business

Imposter Syndrome, fear of failure, people-pleasing, over-working, and absent or shaky boundaries are just a few of the ways this shows up for entrepreneurs.

What's your plan?

You have a business plan, a marketing plan, and a sales plan

But what is your plan to grow your Emotional Intelligence?

Ready to grow your Emotional + Social Intelligence?

EQ Accelerator is our signature course for busy business owners who are serious about working on their biggest business asset: themselves.

Meet Your Hosts, Noble & Kathy

Noble & Kathy  have been entrepreneurs for over two decades and have been a part of 10 business startups. After hitting a frustrating invisible wall in their business & personal lives, they started learning about & growing their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). What they learned transformed them from the inside out, and is having the same effect on their businesses. They’re sharing the breakthroughs every week on the EQ for Entrepreneurs podcast.

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